Get the app for iPhone and Android.

Set your delivery location, get connected to available dispatch rider.

Delivery starts immediately the rider arrives and receives the package.

You can rate your rider on how they habdled your delivery.

HIILLA Services

More Than Just an App

We're connecting individuals or businesses in need of every day delivery service with the best local dispatch drivers at the best prices. When you deliver with HIILLA, we do our best to make the delivery as seamless and secure as possible.

No Cash, No Hassle

Pay in cash or add your credit card to the app and or you can even make receiver pay all seamless and easy.

Convenient Delivery & Schedules

You can use HIILLA for your personal or business deliveries across town. Switch the payment method at the tap of a button.

Reliable Delivery Rides

You’ll see your driver’s contact details and can rate them at the end of the trip. Your feedback helps us keep the best drivers.