The fast,
easy and,
affordable way
to deliver.

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Set your delivery location, get connected to available dispatch rider instantly.

Delivery starts immediately the rider arrives and receives the package.

However you like to pay? HIILLA is always available


Delivery is what we do best.




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HIILLA Transit Services

More Than Just an App

We are connecting individuals or businesses in need of every day delivery service with the best local dispatch drivers at the best prices. When you deliver with HIILLA, we do our best to make the delivery as seamless and secure as possible.

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Delivery tailored for every business - onboard, set up orders, and trust 'HIILLA Go' to deliver.

Our Riders are always around the corner so you won’t be kept waiting on your next delivery.

Relax with the assurance that your parcel is not only safe but it is our number one priority

Our Riders will navigate the best routes to ensure your delivery get to the destination in time.

No matter the distance, we are cost-efficiency and professional.

Our Riders accept cashless transactions alongside many other payment options available in-app.

Download HIILLA Go to make your delivery.


How to videos

Helping Business owners Lagos for the good of all

A city with HIILLA Transit Services not only has more economic opportunities for business owners with approximate pickup and delivery time, you can get a delivery rider on every streets the easy way

Safety Putting people first

Riding as a partner and simply doing a delivery, every part of the HIILLA Transit Services experience has been designed around your safety, security and profitabilty.