HIILLA - Bike Delivery Faster Than Anyone Else.

General questions
Account registration at is required for using our services. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions or during an active delivery request.
It depends largely on your delivery information and but usually, you get a rider within the first 5 minutes of your request
You can make delivery online with HIILLAGO using either our
* Using our web booking, you can only pay online for your deliveries.
* If however, you use the HIILLAGo app, you can choose between CASH and WALLET Payment options.
We share coupon/discounts via in-app. Here is a video on how to check for and apply coupon.

Download HIILLAGO via Google Playstore or Apple Store and register as a RIDER
Verify your email
Await admin approval for your account
There can be one of many reasons why you are not getting orders. Below is a few reason why.
  • You do not have internet connection on your phone
  • Your GPS location service is turned off on your phone
  • You are OFFLINE on the HIILLAGo app
  • Your Android OS is killing the app from running in the background
If i have internet and all then no request, what do i do?
Payment for collective delivery done is by request.
That is whenever you make a withdrawal from your wallet.
You would be paid within 2hrs of withdrawal request.
Change your location. That moment, there might be low order inflow from the area you are.
So it is advised you change location.