Air-Tite 37mm Black Ring Coin Holder Capsules For 30ml Gold & Silver Philharmonics And $7 Strikes Token

Capsules are individually hand-packed, un-assembled, in between layers of foam to prevent scratches and to be easily assembled. Air-Tite brand coin holders are made in the USA from acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent, this process results in a final product that is hard, crystal clear and smooth to the touch. The cover and base snap together firmly to form a perfect seal. They are PVC Free, Archival Safe and are suitable for extended periods of long term coin or bar storage. These 37mm capsules will hold; $7 Silver Strikes Tokens, 30ml Philharmonic Gold, 30ml Philharmonic Silver, 50 Peso Gold, 30ml Palladium Russian Ballerina

Dimensions: 21.6 x 14 x 3.6 centimetres (0.23 kg)

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37mm Air-Tite - 7ストライクトークン【海外直送】 37ミリメートルブラックリングコインホルダーカプセル30mlゴールド&シルバーフィルと$ Air-Tite Black Phi Silver & Gold 30ml For Capsules Holder Coin Ring-その他